A list of ideas converted to prototypes


  1. Auto Disaster State Reporting System
  2. Still-life project with Justus Bruns and Mingus Vogel
  3. Live video streaming system using raspberry pi in association with Workbench Projects
  4. Voice controlled Wheel Chair
  5. Pi surveillance system for homes and schools.
  6. Projects with Intel Edison.
  7. Seamless shopping cart feedback system - Winner Target Makeday


  1. VoiceEd at Intel IOT Roadshow with Ajith NN and Wasim Mallik.
  2. Tweeting Room
  3. Tweet Tracker and Display System for TEDx Bangalore.
  4. Beam Bots at Bosch Brand Sqaure and DIy space along with Bangalore Make Space and Open Source Creativity.
  5. Talking KeyBoard for the Visually Impaired . Developed at RHok Bangalore .
  6. Memory Book , in association with Workbench Projects for Fab10 , Barcelona , Spain
  7. Smart Camera Traps for National Parks , in association with Li2 Innovations .
  8. SEEK : A low cost navigation system for the visually impaired.
  9. Cloudy for Arduino Day at Arduino India- Bangalore
  10. Bijili Budget : Team Members- Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar , Sachin Bhatia , Vijayanta, Devanti , Sneha Menon


  1. Automated Accident Detection and Reporting System