Holiday Installation

Learnings- Kinect , python and much more!

November 10, 2015

As a part of a project I am working on, I had to introduce gesture control to the system. Kinect ofcourse was the first thing that I thought of.

There are ofcourse a lot of other alternatives, but Kinect worked for me here and this post is going to tell you what I did and how I did it.


Installation of Kinect Drivers on a Mac or Linux by the way is one of the most painful processes I have done. I have also been able to install a Kinect on Raspberry Pi by the way. More on this soon.

What I have done here is used a bunch of things. First one being Synapse for Mac. The installation file is available in the Downloads section.

Second thing I have used is Processing. The IDE can again be downloaded from the Downloads section

Third is Python 2.7.

Current Status

As of now, I read the values from Synapse using Processing. Synapse is sending data to the OSC ports which processing script reads from.

Using the UDP layer, I then connect Processing script to Pyton script. Python script reads the data, in this case, I am sending the values of the hand marked in red, just the X position(I think :|). I have been able to build on the same for 5 joints as of now, more work on that is in progress

Using the Python script, I control the mouse movements on the Mac for a fun installation. More on this soon too.


I am pretty far from conclusion at this point, but I will make all the code open source. It will be available on my github page as soon as I come across some more results.

In case you would like to know more about anything, just drop me an email or use the contact form :)