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I mentored six girls between the ages 15-17, from Dream School Foundation as a part of WeTech's Technovation Challenge.

I along with two other mentors represented Target . Aim of this program was to enable the students studing in the class 11th and 12th to build technology focused companies. The goal at hand was to prepare for the Technovation Challenge.

As a guideline from the challenge, the team had to pick a social problem and build a sustainable solution and eventually an entreprize around the same. The solution was to be built as an Android Application using MIT App Inventor.

Process and Problem statement

I mentored girls using Stanford's Design Thinking techniques to start finding out all the problems they see around them. After a few rigirous sessions, we realized that transportation, which is a part of everyday life ,is a huge problem.

Problem Statement: Simplify the dialy commute problems in Public Transport.

Solution - Product

  • Android mobile solu6on that offers a bus commuter convenience, reliability and safety in using BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) services
  • Interacive features to report incidents emergencies
  • Helps commuters view information such as bus routes, bus numbers and bus schedules through this application on Google Maps
  • Allows real time tracking and provides commuters with accurate assessment of the distance of the bus from their location
  • Find their presentation here .


    Mentoring the girls was an increbile experience. Not only did I learn a lot myself, but I also learnt a lot about how enabling students can be so empowering for them.

    For the first time in the lives of the girls, everyone wanted to listen to them, they were famous in their neighbourhood. I could not be more happier than that. Hope to be a part of something like this again!