Cloud in the house!

March 31, 2014

I was selected as an Arduino Maker Fellow in Feb 2014. The Aim of the fellowship was to prototype and showcase ideas on the Arduino Day 2014.

We decided to build Cloudy - a meticulously designed combination of nature and technology. Clouds have always been a fascinating sight and having one of your own is absolutely amazing.

This installation aims at bringing technology-driven, busy people, closer to the surroundings, through technology. This personalized cloud magically influences your ambiance and makes your nap soothing and comfortable. Whether you’re happy, sad, angry or feeling shy, Cloudy changes the mood of your room according to yours, with lighting and music. It inherits the aesthetics of clouds and is powered by the mighty Arduino controller, through which you will be able to change the color of the cloud with a single touch or by mood-setting.


The prototype was built in a total of 4 days. From idea to prototype, we came across a lot of hurdles, one of them was to clearly define the deliverables for the demo day. Design was handled by Sonali , technology by Bhargava and me. The entire team was involved in various parts of the prototyping process.

My role was to interface the sensors and write and deploy the algorithm with the help of Bhargava who championed the debugging and music control.


The prototype includes ultrasonic sensors to sense a person approaching, and RGB LEDs go off to affect the ambiance .For the prototype, a remote simulates mood-detection. The moods simulated are angry, sad, shy, happy, party, contemplative. All these were implemented in a physical cloud made out of cotton and paper, that can be placed in your room. It can be installed very easily.

installation Installation in progress

The final output

cloudy1 Bhargava posing happily!

This was a multi disciplinary project done by Arduino Maker Fellows -2014 . The team was mentored by Ankit Daftery. The project got a huge appreciation from the visitors on the demo day which was the first World Arduino day.

This was my first experience with Interaction Design thanks to the Arduino Fellowship!